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Dress for Success Dress Code

We recommend that students wear:

  • Polo shirts or Buttoned Dress Shirts: Solid black, gray, or white
  • Pants with no rips, holes, or tears
  • Shoes that do not have open toes

Students may wear:

  • Any Washington Middle School Spirit Gear
  • Crew Neck T-Shirts: black, gray, or white
  • Sweatshirts/Hoodies: black; gray, or white
  • P.E. Uniforms as available through Washington Middle School
    • Black Shorts and Grey/White Crew Neck T-Shirt
  • Pants that meet school expectations (no holes above mid-thigh)
  • Shorts and Skirts that are longer than mid-thigh
  • Shoes with hard sole bottoms
  • Hats and hoods outside of the building
  • School Appropriate Lanyards

Students may not wear:

  • Pants with holes above mid-thigh
  • Hats or Hoods in the building. Hats stored in backpacks during the school day.
  • Any items deemed by administrators as disruptive to the educational process, such as: gang attire, items with drugs or alcohol, or items deemed unsafe.

Purchasing Clothing Items:

  1. We encourage students and families to purchase school attire and spirit gear at our main office. This promotes school spirit and unity! The following are the prices for each item:
    • T-Shirts: $7
    • Hoodies: $16
    • Diamond Logo Polos: $1  
    • PE Shirt + Shorts: $10  
  2. Families may purchase black, white, and gray polo shirts, t-shirts, and hoodies from stores other than Washington Middle School if they do not have a logo and fit the above dress code.
  1. All students are required to wear an Identification Badge (ID). The ID badge is used for security measures, PBIS Points, library checkouts, lunch accounts and to check out equipment from the student store. The first ID badge is free. The cost to replace an ID badge is $1.00. ID Badges are to be clipped to student’s shirt collar or on a lanyard worn around the student’s neck. Students will not be admitted into class without their ID badge clearly displayed. Parents will be informed when student receives a fine.
  2. Failure to comply with the Standard Clothing Expectations will result in Parent/Family Contact to create a plan to comply with the Washington Middle School Dress Code.